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Consistent Determination to Deliver Actionable and Impactful Results

Let our experience serve your needs.

Our customer retention advisory services are built with a foundation of continuously leveraging our real world experience. Our goal is to drive your revenue growth by ensuring that your enterprise has the maximum number of highly satisfied paying accounts.

We recognize your need for actionable solutions.

Our information gathering process is streamlined to collect the right information with minimal business operation interference.

We include a 3 and 6 month check in to review the actions taken per our advice and the results recognized.


An Audit of All Customer Interface Tracking Systems

We include a detailed review of customer complaints and their resolutions from the most recent 9 months. We also look at account deletions for the same time period and reach out to former customers to gain additional understanding.


A Detailed Review of All Customer Facing Functions

We'll compare how management perceives the day to day actions of your team vs. an observation of the actual processes undertaken.


Evaluate All Workflows For Effectiveness and Efficiency

We’ll perform a breakdown of all customer-impacting workflows comparing your management presumed procedures to those experienced by your customers.


Review and Analyze Ongoing Operating Costs

We'll look at your costs to acquire new clients as well as your costs to retain existing customers and identify where improvements can be made.


Develop Benchmarking Programs

We’ll create a customized cross-functional performance tracking and optimization program that can be used to drive efficiency and effectiveness over time.


Create Goal Oriented Employee and Customer Incentive Programs

We review incentive programs, including actual results vs. intended, and provide a strategy for improvement and increased participation.

"Steve is an incredibly bright, responsive, strategic executive with strong business acumen and operational leadership."

"Steve’s ability to maintain an incredible attention to detail while keeping an eye on the big picture is invaluable to running a top-notch business operations team."

"For start-ups, mergers and acquisitions, Steve is your man. He is extremely process and business oriented and truly understands the operations of any size company."

"Steve is an upfront, get it done type of manager. Not afraid to make hard decisions and someone people look up to for support and direction. He has earned respect from his peers and knows how to drive a business plan."

Who Gets the Most Value from Our Services

We work with small to medium sized businesses, professional services firms, and healthcare practices that are experiencing challenges regarding customer, client, or patient account retention. The enterprises that receive the most value from our service have a shortage of resources or the time to dedicate to identifying underlying problem areas affecting the retention of their paying accounts. We work with owners and their management teams to fully dissect the experience of their customers, clients, or patients from the initial sales process through billing and collection.

Small to Medium Sized Businesses

Small to Medium Sized Businesses

Professional Services

Professional Service Practices

We Service Medical Organizations

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