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Don’t Lose Customers – Gain Understanding!

Although most businesses incorporate an assumed churn rate, (however small), in the final version of their annual operating budget, no business wants to lose its customers.  Regardless of how a business forecasts its expected churn rate, how customer account departures are regularly managed is often overlooked as a key element of the success of any enterprise.  In fact,…

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Is a Customer Experience Initiative the Same As Having a Customer Centered Culture?

Currently one would be hard-pressed to open their work-related email box, and/or LinkedIn feed and not see multiple offerings to evaluate a demo for technology platforms in support of Customer Experience initiatives.   Many of these programs are based upon the configuration and installation of a software platform which provides for customer journey mapping, recurring surveying of…

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Where A Customer Experience Initiative Should Begin

Embarking on a plan to optimize your customers’ experiences regarding the products and /or services they purchase from your company cannot begin without a thorough examination of the way you engage all your employees.  If any of the associates in your company see themselves as being focused on the overall business strategy, but do not see…

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