Don't Lose Customers, Gain Understanding!

It always costs more to find new business than to keep your current customers.

New customers have a higher level of enthusiasm for using the product or service they just purchased. A lengthly on-boarding process can cause frustration and bring that enthusiasm to a rapid halt.

Do your new customers feel especially welcomed when they place their first order? Are your systems set up to track usage adoption, support calls and/or billing issues from new customers vs. legacy customers?

Reviewing key statistics for billing and support calls from legacy customers on a consistent basis is essential for identifying warning signs of customer drop off. 

When customers are overly satisfied with the service and/or product they receive from your business they will likely want to share that information with friends especially when an incentive to do so is provided.   Their lack of interest in your referral program indicates a low level of appreciation for what they are paying for and is a “flag” for future retention issues.

Is your organization gathering the right information on your customers to determine purchase behavior and trends?  Are you following up at the right intervals?

We Provide Actionable Solutions

There are typically two reasons that lead successful but challenged enterprises to reach out to experienced advisory firms for assistance in addressing bottom-line impacting business issues.

  1. A need for timely attention to an important issue.
  2. Not having the resources able to identify and resolve problems.

Our approach starts with an in depth discovery of existing processes and relevant information. We then thoroughly analyze the collected information and dedicate ourselves to developing actionable solutions that will make a real difference for your organization.

We see each challenge as a unique puzzle that requires the development and deployment of a thoughtful solution based on experience and the awareness and understanding of successful methodologies.    We do not begin by claiming to know your business or how it works; we only focus on your customer’s perspective and their experience with your enterprise.

A focused account retention plan from Aquarius Partners will lead to:

Increased Customer Retention

A 10% increase in customer retention which can grow an entity’s value by 30%.


A 50% increase in success at upselling to higher valued products and services.


A 75% improvement in sales resource effectiveness.


A 25% boost in employee satisfaction rate.

Let our 30+ years of experience improve your bottom line.

There is no substitute for actual experience when it comes to addressing customer impacting business issues. Led by Steve Schreiber, Aquarius Partners has over 35 years of cumulative experience, most of which reflects taking on actual customer impacting problems in fast changing small to medium sized business environments. Steve has earned a reputation as a “go to” transformative and entrepreneurial leader who identifies best practices for customer care, benchmarking, business analytics, product support, and operational management effectiveness. Even more noteworthy is the fact that our expertise does not reflect following methodical steps in corporate “playbooks”, but rather was gained through implementation of creative, often “out of the box” workarounds and business process innovation. Working with limited resources to solve critical, yet timely bottom-line impacting issues is where our experience can best be leveraged. Simply put, our experience leads to the strong belief that everything begins with a focus on your customer.

Many small to medium sized businesses are facing never

experienced challenges affecting their revenue growth potential, target markets, customers and the employees who serve them.

There are no road maps or strategic plan documents that can be referred to for quick answers and easily deployable procedures. In today’s challenging business climate true success will come to those enterprises that focus on retaining their customers as a foundation to growing their business.

Our expertise revolves around our ability to systematically review and dissect your business operations to determine the underlying weaknesses that are causing unnecessary customer account reductions. Knowing where to look, asking the appropriate questions, gathering the right information, and evaluating all of it are all vital, but we know that ultimately none of that matters if actionable solutions are not the result. So, we not only provide the steps necessary to attain success, but we agree to return every three months to monitor results.  If things are not working as we indicated, we will evaluate and fix at no additional cost to you our valuable client.

Customer Retention Graph

A Focus on Customer Retention

We begin all our advisory engagements taking the customer’s perspective. Focusing on customer account retention always provides the guideposts for uncovering various operational issues that are impacting your business. Some of the areas we  analyze to identify your company's customer account retention issues are:

The quality and timing of your order fulfillment process

How chronic customer issues are dealt with

How customers use your product or service

Billing and collection issues